How to Fit EVERYTHING into Your Home Renovation Budget

Once you know what you want, follow these 4 steps to take control of your Project Budget from the beginning:

? #1- Start a goal cost in mind a.k.a. your budget :

what you have saved or borrowed & are willing to spend. Avoid using credit cards. When you buy on credit, it’s tempting to buy the first thing that strikes your fancy without shopping for bargains, plus the high-interest rates!

✌️#2- Make your budget adjustments NOW and you’ll reach that goal sooner.

Any areas of your budget where you can trim off the fat, do it now to guarantee overall savings and get the most out of your renovation.

? #3- Identify the top 3 priorities to stay on track.

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ve got. Whether it increases in Home Value, improve Functionality & Comfort or Downsizing, step #2 will guarantee that you will STAY ON TRACK and are SATISFIED with the result.

? #4- Make Smart Purchases

Get access to exclusive deals and by getting help from a Home Renovation professional. Shop supplier deals and think outside the box. You’ll be surprised how everything adds up.

Credit goes to Ms. Narges Mowlaee, Picture from