How we work

This is a fact that one of the largest investments most of us make in our lives is our home. It houses our family, anchors our life, protects our possessions and holds our memories. When you choose to renovate, we approach it inside out. Who lives here? What elements in their life are the most important? Do they need disability services? …Only then we can start to design and get to work.

How do we do our jobs differently? Here is the secret:

Step one: Your wishes, wants and needs will be given life and vision. At this stage, we will confirm with you, the actual scope, desired quality, duration, and cost of the project.

Step two: The look and feel become familiar to you. We enable you to imagine day to day life in your redesigned home. The vision and design are translated into the language of construction to gain the efficiency of time and cost that you require.

Step three: Arani Construction’s design and planning team has now integrated their efforts for the benefit of our construction teams, and you will have one team of great guys for the project. Top quality is assured, and our performance is of the highest level.