Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovation Vancouver

Your kitchen is more than just a room; it’s the vibrant heart of your home. Before embarking on your kitchen renovation journey, take a moment to envision the perfect blend of style and functionality that resonates with your lifestyle. At Arani Construction, we’re dedicated to transforming your vision into a reality.

Partnering with teams of seasoned professionals, we guide you through every critical aspect of your kitchen renovation. From the fundamental elements of cabinets, countertops, and flooring to the nuanced choices of paint, backsplashes, and top-of-the-line appliances, we’re here to ensure that every detail aligns with your preferences and needs.

Crafting your dream kitchen is a meticulous process, and we’re committed to making that journey as seamless as possible. Contact us today to start the conversation about your Vancouver kitchen renovation, and let’s create a space that beautifully combines your style and functionality.

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Kitchen Countertops 

Arani Construction specializes in designing and delivering comprehensive kitchen countertop installations. When selecting your new kitchen countertop, it’s essential to consider your budget, time constraints, and lifestyle. We offer a diverse range of options, including laminate, tiles, stainless steel, granite, and epoxy surfaces. No matter your preference, our commitment is to provide a seamless and precise countertop installation, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Kitchen Cabinets

Arani Construction offers comprehensive services encompassing kitchen cabinet design, fabrication, and installation. As leading professionals in kitchen renovations across North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, and the surrounding area, we take pride in transforming kitchens to their fullest potential.

Cabinets serve as the foundation of any kitchen. A well-thought-out design ensures optimal configuration, maximizing the efficiency of your kitchen space based on its size. Our expertise lies in wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling, providing ample storage for items not frequently used.

Moreover, we guide you in selecting the cabinet door style that aligns with your preferences, allowing you to choose between a shaker, flat, or inset door design. Our commitment to tailored solutions extends to the most efficient cabinet opening styles, steering away from a one-size-fits-all approach of standard swinging doors. We strategically integrate a combination of swinging doors, flip-up doors, pocket doors, drawers, and corner drawers to enhance your kitchen’s functionality, customized to suit your lifestyle.

Tile Installation

Arani Construction offers comprehensive kitchen renovations and specializes in tile installations for kitchen backsplashes and floors. We assist you in selecting a backsplash that complements your personality, adding the character your kitchen desires. Choose from an array of options including marble, ceramic, granite, glass, and even chalkboard tiles to enhance this focal point and give your kitchen the rejuvenation it deserves.

Our team of professionals delivers top-notch service in tile installation as part of our renovation offerings across North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, and the surrounding Vancouver area.